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Dec 15
Written by spy   
X-Dream--Panic In Paradise Relax Vortex (TIP015)-Promo Vinyl-1996-dL (Others) NEW!!!
VA - Club Sunrise (3FM)-12-13-CABLE-2009-UME (Others) NEW!!!
VA - Club Sunrise (3FM)-12-06-CABLE-2009-UME (Others) NEW!!!
VA-Nova Xposure 09-21-(Promo CD)-2009-SC (Others) NEW!!!
VA-30 Years Of Hits-3CD-2009-WRE (Others) NEW!!!
Synaesthesiacs--Synaesthesia (PTM10)-Vinyl-1995-dL (Others) NEW!!!
OST--Music to Go Postal by-2006-WUS (Others) NEW!!!
Elvis Presley-The Christmas Hits And His Greatest Hits-2CD-2008-WRE (Others) NEW!!!
Conspiracy Theory--Project Oblivion Aural Focus (PTM21)-Vinyl-1997-dL (Others) NEW!!!
Analogue--From Phases Vol.II (Aural Pro 001)-Vinyl-1992-dL (Others) NEW!!!
VA-Dark Spy Compilation Volume 24-(Rerip)-2009-SiRE (Rock) NEW!!!
Monkeyknifefight-The Filth and The Furry-2009-FTD (Punk) NEW!!!
Ordo Templi Orientis - The Doll-Paganautum Pagan Autumn - Temptful Whi... (Metal) NEW!!!
Mark--Early Morning Breaks (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-13-2009-OMA (Lo-Fi) NEW!!!
DJ Nartak--Globality (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-13-2009-OMA (Lo-Fi) NEW!!!
Chris Coco--Early Morning Breaks (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-13-2009-OMA (Lo-Fi) NEW!!!
Jaine Rogers-Under Your Skin-2009-C4 (Jazz) NEW!!!
Bireli Lagrene-Gipsy Trio-2009-SNOOK (Jazz) NEW!!!
Rodolfo Alchourron-Sanata Y Clarificacion Vols 1 Y 2-2009-ONe (Instrumental) NEW!!!
Portman-These Songs Were Written In Bedrooms and Village Halls-CDEP-20... (Indie) NEW!!!
Kettcar--Live at on3-Festival-DE-DVBC-11-28-2009-OMA (Indie) NEW!!!
Ikons-Ikons-(SERV036)-CD-2009-iPC (Indie) NEW!!!
Emiliana Torrini--Live at SR1 Radio Concert (Unplugged)-DVBS-11-25-200... (Indie) NEW!!!
Barnett Gurley-Evidence-2009-404 (Folk) NEW!!!
Sidney Samson - Riverside (Remixes)-(DATA225TP1)-Vinyl-2009-HB (Bass) NEW!!!
Hol Baumann-Ephemere Scala-WEB-2009-WAV (Ambient) NEW!!!
Will Holland Feat Line Froyset-Things That Happen Incl Temple One Rem... (Trance)
VA-Biggest Vocal Trance Tracks Of 2009-(ARDI1345)-WEB-2009-SSR.part2 (Trance)
VA-Magic Island Vol 2 Album Sampler 02-WEB-2009-TSP (Trance)
VA-Biggest Vocal Trance Tracks Of 2009-(ARDI1345)-WEB-2009-SSR.part1 (Trance)
VA-Best Of A State Of Trance 2009 (Unmixed Tracks)-(ARDI1355)-WEB-2009... (Trance)
Shaun Ansari-Fury-(UBM015)-WEB-2009-SSR (Trance)
VA - Vandit Records Talent Sampler Autumn 2009-Promo CD-2009-QMI (Trance)
Push-Global Age Incl Leon Bolier Remix-WEB-2009-WAV (Trance)
Orjan-Arctic Globe Incl W And W Remix-WEB-2009-TSP (Trance)
Lange Pres Firewall-Wanderlust Incl Sunny Lax Remixes-WEB-2009-TSP (Trance)
Hydro Aquatic-Impact Moon River-WEB-2009-WAV (Trance)
DJ Fire-Under Pressure-WEB-2009-WAV (Trance)
Daveij-Bright Sky-WEB-2009-WAV (Trance)
Armin Van Buuren Feat Vanvelzen-Broken Tonight Incl Alex M.O.R.P.H Re... (Trance)
Blank and Jones-Eat Raw for Breakfast-(4260154680510)-WEB-2009-HFT (Trance)
VX (Virgil Enzinger and Xavier Morel) - Fiction-(NST013)-WEB-2009-WiTF... (Techno)
VX (Virgil Enzinger and Xavier Morel) - Fiction-(NST013)-WEB-2009-WiTF... (Techno)
The Pikss - Kristal EP-(SCREC016)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Thorsten Graeber-La Noche EP-(BL67261)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno)
Syntec and Millenic - Oestrogen EP-(GSPDIGI052)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Sender Of Rhythm-Parallelism EP-(AENTE025)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno)
Sacha Korn-Lass Mich Gehen-(Incl Namito Remix)-(RABO01234)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno)
Room 10 - Los Gritos EP-(MLTD027D)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Roman Lindau - Souligner EP-(FW011)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Replacement DJ-Amnesia EP-(FRC012)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno)
Matt Cooper-The Northern Light EP-(REKLUSE009)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno)
Norman - Battery EP-(9VOLT16)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Pawel-Berkeley-(DIAL48)-Vinyl-2009-iHF (Techno)
Marco Bailey and Tom Hades - Off The Hook-(HYR7052)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
Chase Buch-Monkey Drums-(Incl Remixes)-(FRC010)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno)
Marascia-Saxy Thang-(BOXERDIGI004)-WEB-2009-WEB (Techno)
M.gervais - Vice County EP-(SCREC017)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno) and Bastian Schuster Jonas - Balkan Jazz-(WPMS002)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno)
VA - Timegate 2010-2009-UPE (Psychedelic)
VA - Madskippers Vol.1-2009-PsyCZ (Psychedelic)
VA - Digital Pride Compiled By Mechanix-2009-PsyCZ (Psychedelic)
N.A.S.A. - Unique-2009-PsyCZ (Psychedelic)
Stratil - Voices EP-HDSTKDIGEP007-WEB-2009-PsyCZ (Psychedelic)
Lumukanda - Red Black And Mellow-CDM-1993-PsyCZ (Psychedelic)
Detox - Maniaco Depressif-WEB-2009-SOB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Myfa - Its New-(KOJ024)-WEB-2009-SOB (Jumpstyle)
Q-ic - Eat This Album Sampler-(ZOO037)-Vinyl-2009-HB (Jumpstyle)
Wbeeza--City Shuffle EP-(3EEP108)-WEB-2009-dh (House)
VA - Club Vol 2-2CD-2009-ZzZz (House)
VA - Ahora 010-3CD-2009-FCC.part1 (House)
VA - Ahora 010-3CD-2009-FCC.part2 (House)
Sunner Soul-The Circles (Incl Remixes)-(ACRM030)-WEB-2009-eMF (House)
Sunday - Someday EP-(NWR009)-WEB-2009-DJ (House)
Temple Movement Feat T Soloman-A Star Is Being Born-(TM002)-WEB-2009-S... (House)
Soulfricans-Sex In Africa-(LCH006D)-WEB-2009-DGN (House)
Sabb-22 Years Incl David West Remix-WEB-2009-WAV (House)
Sheri--U Got Me Good-CDS-2009-WUS (House)
Mike White Presents - Miss U Bad-(10011329)-WEB-2009-DJ (House)
Ministers De La Funk Vs Antoine Clamaran - Believe (Feat. Jocelyn Brow... (House)
Niels Van Gogh and Daniel Strauss-Monza-(PMLM002)-WEB-2009-DGN (House)
Little Man Big-Dishing The Dirt-(MT-016)-WEB-2009-USF (House)
Mark Ronin - Screw Driver-(10)-WEB-2009-DJ (House)
Jeff Haze-Rapid Eye Movement-(Fz-005)-WEB-2009-USF (House)
Jazzmopper J-Maximum Prescription-(Hkj-009)-WEB-2009-USF (House)
Kaspar Kochker-Atlantic Newry-(NELLIE034)-WEB-2009-USF (House)
J Nitti-Dj Sucks-(NE20983)-WEB-2009-CBR (House)
Jef K And Chris Carrier-Chaka-(SILVER025)-WEB-2009-DGN (House)
YSE-A Life Sentience EP-(LMD027)-WEB-2009-eMF (House)
Glanta-The Electrum EP-WEB-2009-WAV (House)
I-Rod-The Sound Of-Promo-2009-wWs (House)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Heads Will Roll-WEB-2009-WUS (House)
Finest Wear-Feeling Free EP-(DD040)-WEB-2009-eMF (House)
Fawni--Serious-Promo CDR-2009-WUS (House)
Favela 5 And Mettle Music-House Vibes 5 EP-(MMDDEP38)-WEB-2009-eMF (House)
Denace 2 Society-Deeper Love-(TANGO083)-WEB-2009-eMF (House)
Deeplanet-Beat It-WEB-2009-USF (House)
Dirty Brothers-Dirty Brothers EP-(SPK012)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (House)
D.J. Generous - Need-Need-Need-Need-Need-(GMMR049)-WEB-2009-DJ (House)
But And Memo-Welcome To The Machine-(DIGIBOOT007)-WEB-2009-UKHx (House)
Chad Stegall-Late Night-(UDOPIA013)-WEB-2009-CBR (House)
Boza-Me And You-(MOD085)-WEB-2009-CBR (House)
Big Ali--Universal Party-Promo CDR-2009-WUS (House)
Andrea Saenz And Robots Memory-Syngapour-WEB-2009-WAV (House)
Alex Oskin - United-(ANR047-8)-WEB-2008-DJ (House)
Alex Oskin - For Life-(ANR036-8)-WEB-2008-DJ (House)
Zany And Dozer - Fruxaq Huwex-Vinyl-2009-QMI (Hardstyle)
Toneshifterz - Sahara-(FUSION059-5)-WEB-2009-HB (Hardstyle)
Kaoticz-Attentions EP-(NBR005)-WEB-2009-UKHx (Hardstyle)
Bad Habitz - Our Moment-(BHR-002)-WEB-2009-HB (Hardstyle)
VA-You Will Know Us by the Trail of Avant Pop-2009-JUST (Electronic)
White Hole - Snow-(KYO-002)-WEB-2006-ZzZz (Electronic)
White Hole - Holy Ghost-(KYO-000)-WEB-2004-ZzZz (Electronic)
Rikah-Day After Day-CDM-2009-1KING (Electronic)
The Tape vs Rqm - Public Transport-(KYD07003)-WEB-2007-ZzZz (Electronic)
Ndambi-Cant Hardly Wait-Promo CDM-2009-1KING (Electronic)
Midnight Star-Midas Touch-(ZIP001CD)-CDM-2005-WC2R (Electronic)
Muchuu - Somebody Tell Me-WEB-2009-DJ (Electronic)
Leiahdorus-Sirens-CDEP-2009-1KING (Electronic)
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream-(Special Edition)-(2CD)-2009-AT... (Electronic)
Junk Culture-West Coast-CD-2009-1KING (Electronic)
Headlights-Remixes-CD-2009-1KING (Electronic)
Goodnight Electric and Turner-Fine-(LOVIN006)-WEB-2009-KOUALA (Electronic)
Gamutino - Ice Cold-(AD 07)-WEB-2009-Homely (Electronic)
Daniel Bortz-Tabla-(PAMLTD004)-WEB-2009-MiNDTRiP (Electronic)
Bassnectar-Cozza Frenzy-CD-2009-1KING (Electronic)
CFCF-Continent-CD-2009-1KING (Electronic)
Computer Juice-Computer Juice EP-(TURBO075)-WEB-2009-KOUALA (Electronic)
Autokratz - Speak in Silence-WEB-2009-DJ (Electronic)
Receptor and Kubrak-24 Kornerz-(TAMP3002)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Viper VIP-KG-VPRVIP011-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Krot-Tourniquet EP-(TAMP3003)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Mr. Frenkie-Military Funk Never Scream-(TAMP3006)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Nemcron-Perpetuum and B Line-NEM005-VINYL-2009-sour (Drum & Bass)
KSS Black-The Sect vs Bias-KSSBLK001-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Intrinsic-Soulmatic-INTRINSIC013-VINYL-2009-sour (Drum & Bass)
Gridlok-Void-P51UKLP02-LP-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Inneractive-Spirit vs June Miller-INNA030-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
VA-Urban Symphonies-(SYNC008)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Hightech-Necro Contact-(TAMP3005)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Flame-Jen EP-(TAMP3004)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Drum & Bass)
Flight-Proktah vs Lost Sequence-FLIGHT003-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Contaminated-Future Signal-CONTAM006-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Chronic-HLZ-BBH010-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
Coded Music-Phobia and Jubei-CODED003-VINYL-2010-sour (Drum & Bass)
VA-Regi In The Mix Volume 8-2CD-2009-DOH (Dance)
VA-Hit Mania 2010-4CD-2009-ONe.part1 (Dance)
VA-Hit Mania 2010-4CD-2009-ONe.part2 (Dance)
VA - Best Of Tunnel 2003-2005-2CD-2009-QMI (Dance)
VA - Best Of Electronic The Finest House and Dance Tracks-2CD-2009-JiM (Dance)
VA - Deep Dance 123.5-Bootleg-2009-SYNDIKAT (Dance)
VA - Beat Mix Vol.26-Bootleg-2009-SYNDIKAT (Dance)
New Limit-Smile 2010-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
Chubby Dude-So Good (HZY 006)-WEB-2009-DWM (Dance)
Sunstroke Project - In Your Eyes-WEB-2009-DJ (Dance)
Estrella-Never Be Lonely (HZY 007)-WEB-2009-DWM (Dance)
Marcos Rodriguez And Charly F. Feat. Jerry Daley-Gold 2010-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
El Barracuda-Yepa Yepa (HZY 008)-WEB-2009-DWM (Dance)
Dual Playaz-Another Day-(HHXX030)-WEB-2009-UKHx (Commercial)
DJ Mikesh - Time 4 Dance Wahnsinn-WEB-2009-SRG (Commercial)
Italian Rockaz - I Miss You So-(Web)-2009-ATRium (Commercial
Doorly - Horse Step
Written by the_hacker   

In addition to his residencies and guesting for others, Doorly's own night, Afterparty, in his hometown of Huddersfield, was recently voted Galaxy radio’s 'Best Club Night' and listed as Mixmag’s number one UK club night, attracting the likes of 2manyDJs, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Armand Van Helden, Eric Prydz & Calvin Harris in the past 6 months alone. Indeed, spinning from the Ukraine to Australia, Germany to Egypt, Doorly has played directly alongside dance's finest and most diverse such as Groove Armada, Chase and Status, Kissy Sell Out, Tiga, Fake Blood, Skream, Pendulum, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Diplo, Proxy, Scratch Perverts, Benga, Grooverider, Sinden and Soulwax to (literally) name but a few – as well as an epic 3 hour – 3 way back 2 back session with Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson in Ibiza!

Download: Doorly - Horse Step
The Bloody Beetroots - Christmas Vendetta... Spares of Romborama
Written by the_hacker   

     Artist: The Bloody Beetroots
    Title: Christmas Vendetta... Spares of Romborama
     Type: Single
     Year: 2009
    Genre: Electronic
      Label: Dim Mak US
     Cat: DM 163

     encoder:  lame 3.98r
     quality: 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
     source:  WEB
  01.Warp 1977 (feat. Steve Aoki and Bobberman)                     3:04
  02.Talkin' In My Sleep (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)              3:22
  03.Mystery Meat (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)                         2:47

     09:13 min  22.16 Mb
Dec 13
Written by spy   
VA-Best Of Trance Top 100-4CD-2009-SSR.part1 (Trance) NEW!!!
VA-Best Of Trance Top 100-4CD-2009-SSR.part2 (Trance) NEW!!!
VA-Mexikan Begabung-(MGR002)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
VA-Wake Up Templar Real State Of Things-(KR029)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Svetec and Tilthammer--Baleful Stories-(GMC002)-WEB-2009-OMA (Techno) NEW!!!
VA--Hard Frequenz 01-(PF0005-5)-WEB-2009-OMA (Techno) NEW!!!
Sian-Vague Electricity-(AUS0815)-WEB-2008-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Subotika-Dance of Glory Freedom-(MTD029)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Techno) NEW!!!
Plastic Sound-Record For Fun-(SPECA031)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Santiago Salazar Silent Servant-Santuario Lo Profundo-(H AND V001)-W... (Techno) NEW!!!
Sensorica-Love Overdose-(TPDD076)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Techno) NEW!!!
Pirania-Madness-(DSREC012)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
Michael Lambart--Bodypainting-(NBD023)-WEB-2009-OMA (Techno) NEW!!!
Peyya And Myka-Jbmlt Krw EP-WEB-2009-DGN (Techno) NEW!!!
Minicoolboyz-This Is Amazing-(AMAZING001)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Kidz On Acid-Freitag EP-(RRBR017)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Kamaxo-This Is What There-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Goncalo M-Blablabla EP-(SA-18)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
John Lagora Feat Jansen-Bitch Remixes-(FREQ005A)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
James Hammer-Gray Matter EP-(MXTR015)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Techno) NEW!!!
Acid Pauli--Smaul07-(SML07)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (Techno) NEW!!!
Fabrizio Pettorelli-Salotto-(PM027)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Animalize-Axis EP-WEB-2009-DGN (Techno) NEW!!!
Deejay Gasm--Tap Your Feet-VE002-WEB-2009-WUS (House) NEW!!!
VA-Best Of Stealth 2009-(BOS2009DDUM)-WEB-2009-USF (House) NEW!!!
Vrajitoroo-Din Nou Iar Tzushca Mai Hai-(VIVA021)-WEB-2008-CBR (House) NEW!!!
VA-Robsoul Sampler-(RBLTD023)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
VA-Axwell Presents Axtone Acapellas Vol 1-(AXT012D)-WEB-2009-USF (House) NEW!!!
VA - Sounds of Summer-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - Matinee World Tour Frankfurt Mixed by J. Louis-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - Tonik at Night September Mixed by Eddie Thoneick-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - Envy My Music September Mixed by Skai-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - 4 Years Envy My Music Mixed by Skai-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - 4 Years Envy My Music Mixed by Marco Soenke-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - 2 Years Fake Mixed Bei Marco Soenke-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
VA - 4 Years Envy My Music Mixed by Alex Stadtler-Promo-2009-CRN (House) NEW!!!
The Messenger-The Messenger Remixes EP-(2600NETEP053)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Soul Minority-Retroplex-(ER038)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
The Burgh Social-She Makes Me Happy-WEB-2009-DGN (House) NEW!!!
Sebastian Russel--Away-(FENOU09)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (House) NEW!!!
Rasmir Mantree-What R U Doin Here-(MR038)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Sasa Savic - The Panic-EP-(WH0024)-WEB-2009-TRa (House) NEW!!!
Runaway-The Fire Below-(OTP03)-Vinyl-2009-OBC (House) NEW!!!
NO ID-The Republic-(DEALC026)-WEB-2009-USF (House) NEW!!!
Mr Raoul K--Himalaya-(BBM0802)-WEB-2008-SiBERiA (House) NEW!!!
Mariano Arcuri-Montecristo-(QLR012)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Imugem Orihasam--Mirror Of Mind-(EKAR011)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (House) NEW!!!
Levon Vincent-Double Jointed Sex Freak-(NS04)-Vinyl-2009-MAEM (House) NEW!!!
Yan Oxygen-Turbulation EP-(TLP003)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Hmspmusic All Stars-Rock It-(980M)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Yan Oxygen-Airbus-(POOL006)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Gene King Feat Darnell Kendricks-Jones In My Bones-(MSM012)-WEB-2009-S... (House) NEW!!!
Grooveact-Funk O Matic-WEB-2009-DGN (House) NEW!!!
Gabriel Ferreira-Diffuse EP-(STR010)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (House) NEW!!!
G Adam - Comeback in Africa-(GSR001)-WEB-2009-DJ (House) NEW!!!
Gamutino - Aero Expo-(AD 02)-WEB-2009-Homely (House) NEW!!!
Elements Of Life Feat Ursula Rucker-Journeys Prelude (Abicah Soul Remi... (House) NEW!!!
Flo Rida Feat Akon - Available Incl Benny Benassi Remixes-Promo CDM-2... (House) NEW!!!
Dada Life - Lets Get Bleeped Tonight Incl Tiesto Remix-Promo CDM-2009... (House) NEW!!!
Carsten Rausch and Ferdinand Laurin--Kakelduet EP-(ACKER014)-WEB-2009-... (House) NEW!!!
Dario Nunez Feat Clarence-The Group Nick And Danny Chatelain Remix-(E... (House) NEW!!!
Alek Xpace-Origenes EP-WEB-2009-DGN (House) NEW!!!
Aaron Polyester - El Porto Wipeout-(451007)-WEB-2009-TRa (House) NEW!!!
VA-Mas Nescafe Ano 6-2CD-2009-wWs (Electronic) NEW!!!
Soehngen--How Do You Do-E REC 003-CD-2009-dh (Electronic) NEW!!!
Landscape-Landscape and Manhattan Boogie-Woogie-2009-JUST (Electronic) NEW!!!
The Bloody Beetroots--Christmas Vendetta Spares Of Romborama-DM 163-WE... (Electronic) NEW!!!
People Get Real-Revolver-LVN008-WEB-2009-1REAL (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA--Platinum Drum and Bass Album-3CD-2004-OMA (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
VA--200 Percent New Beats-1998-OMA (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
VA--Hokilla-The Chronicals Of A Hokilla - New York New York-2009-WUS (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Spearhead-Syncopix-SPEAR027-WEB-2009-DEF (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Spearhead-Netsky-SPEAR029-WEB-2009-DEF (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Stereotype-D Minds-STYPE013-VINYL-2009-sour (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Section 8-Various Artists-SECTION8007D-WEB-2009-DEF (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
DJ Hype - Drum and Bass-SAT-12-09-2009-TALiON (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Jade-Venom LP-CITRUSLP004-4x12 Vinyl-2009-hM (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Annie Mac-Live on Radio 1 Drumsound and Bassline Smith Mini Mix-CABLE-... (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
FSTZ-Rogue Limited 01 EP-WEB-2009-DGN (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Chronic-Majistrate and DJ Nicol-BBH007-WEB-2009-UKDNB (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Chronic-DP and Promenade-BBH006-WEB-2009-UKDNB (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Amen Brothers-Atom-AMENDIG007-WEB-2009-DEF (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Audio Boutique-Liquilade-ABD011-WEB-2009-DEF (Drum & Bass) NEW!!!
Turntable Shockerz feat. Becca B - Fake It-(Web)-2009-ATRium (Dance) NEW!!!
Stunt - Fade Like The Sun Incl Degrees Remix-Promo CDM-2010-QMI (Dance) NEW!!!
Carrara - Meccano - Disco King - Activate My Heart (London Remixes)-Vi... (Dance) NEW!!
The Aston Shuffle Remix'es
Written by the_hacker   

Download: The Aston Shuffle - Stomp Yo Shoes feat Tommie Sunshine (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (320 Kbps)

Download: The Aston Shuffle - Do You Want More (Alex Gopher Better Remix) (320 Kbps)

ICandy - Lightworks in Miami
Written by the_hacker   

Download: ICandy - Lightworks in Miami

Lil Jon featuring Kee - Give It All You Got (Danger Beach Remix)
Written by the_hacker   

Danger MP3

It’s been forever since I’ve heard anything new from Danger and the wait is finally over since his latest remix has just landed. It was released as apart of the Adult Swim compilation album that dropped a few days ago called ATL RMX. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would seriously question the direction your life is headed.

Download: Lil Jon featuring Kee - Give It All You Got (Danger Beach Remix)

Boy 8-Bit's Remix'es
Written by the_hacker   

Boy 8 Bit

My name comes from the fact I used to use an Amiga to make music - they used to use 8-Bit samples. I was young at the time.. Hence Boy 8-Bit. It has stuck ever since... Not because I make 8-Bit music. This seems to annoy a few people.

Download: Subway - What You Got, What You Do (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Download: Phunk Electric - Video Games Crash (Boy 8-Bit's High Score Attempt)

Dec 12
Written by spy   
VA - Kontor Top of the Clubs-the Classics-3CD-2009-MOD.part1 (Trance) NEW!!!
VA - Kontor Top of the Clubs-the Classics-3CD-2009-MOD.part2 (Trance) NEW!!!
VA-Best Of Doorn 2009-(DOORNBUND002)-WEB-2009-SSR (Trance) NEW!!!
X-Cabs - Neuro 2009 Remixes-(HK075)-WEB-2009-EKM (Trance) NEW!!!
The Synergy-Winter Atmosphere-(EPT037)-WEB-2009-NRG (Trance) NEW!!!
Stardan-East Wind-(10010720)-WEB-2009-NRG (Trance) NEW!!!
DJ Lee-Fugly-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Trance) NEW!!!
Mark Sherry Vs James Allan-Reflux-(TOX049)-WEB-2009-UKHx (Trance) NEW!!!
Lisa Lashes And Phil York - Bondage And Whips-(LL009)-WEB-2009-EKM (Trance) NEW!!!
Abstract Vision and Etnosphere--Pure Emotion Incl. Mixes by Atlantic D... (Trance) NEW!!!
Avenger-Music Box EP-(NUDEPTH012)-WEB-2009-SSR (Trance) NEW!!!
Chris Metcalfe-First Encounter-(CVSA101)-WEB-2009-NRG (Trance) NEW!!!
Vince Watson--A Very Different World-(BIO020)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (Techno) NEW!!!
Vicente and Luca Bortolo - Arpietta EP-(WPM023)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno) NEW!!!
Touane - Studio Works Part 1-(LHD001)-WEB-2009-HQEM (Techno) NEW!!!
Steve Bug--Collaboratory Remixes Vol 2-(PFR109B)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (Techno) NEW!!!
Tim Baker - Sideways (Look Around You)-(ER31)-WEB-2009-EiTheLMP3 (Techno) NEW!!!
Schermate-Schermate 004-(SCHERMATE004)-Vinyl-2009-MPX (Techno) NEW!!!
Mickael Davis-Karnage EP-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Marco Carola-Walking Dog-(MINUS85)-WEB-2009-BSiDE (Techno) NEW!!!
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Marc Flaque and Koldo Falcon-Distant Love-(EIVO005)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
Liz Cirelli And Minski - Shiver-EP-(NS013)-WEB-2009-HQEM (Techno) NEW!!!
Jorge Jaramillo Sounderson-Drop The Bass-(BUSH3007)-WEB-2009-XXW (Techno) NEW!!!
Layo and Bushwacka-Now Is The Time (Remixes)-(OLM025)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Honeyeaters-Cuidado Con El Perro-(Incl Remixes)-(DGA001)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
Joachim Pastor - Diform-EP-(FORMD03)-WEB-2009-HQEM (Techno) NEW!!!
Jokerface-Fuck It EP-(PFR0015)-WEB-2009-XXW (Techno) NEW!!!
Franco Cinelli and Papol--Siempre Siempre Siempre EP-(ILIANDIG009)-WEB... (Techno) NEW!!!
GNASHER-Filth Fascists-WEB-2009-USF (Techno) NEW!!!
Hollen-Analog Man-(NOIA031)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Gamutino - Drivrem 01-(AD 04)-WEB-2009-Homely (Techno) NEW!!!
Function - Function (Remixes)-(SDRM01)-WEB-2009-HQEM (Techno) NEW!!!
Domyan-I Kill U Again EP-(FDR070)-WEB-2009-CBR (Techno) NEW!!!
Dub Animal-The Horn-(GSPDIGI053)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
DJ Emerson - Truckvolume-(WPMS001)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno) NEW!!!
Dyno - Gratta and Vinci EP (HYR7058)-WEB-2009-gEm (Techno) NEW!!!
DJ Bat-Glad 2 Be Back-(WEB)-2009-H5N1 (Techno) NEW!!!
AP-Here It Goes Remixes-WEB-2009-USF (Techno) NEW!!!
Carlos Sanchez and DJ Ray-Dark Or Strings EP-(PHAZE001)-WEB-2009-wWs (Techno) NEW!!!
Bradler - Karibuni EP-(WPM027)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Techno) NEW!!!
VA-The Lost Tapes (Lil Louis Pride 95)-(1750729)-WEB-2009-HFT.part2 (House) NEW!!!
VA-The Lost Tapes (Lil Louis Pride 95)-(1750729)-WEB-2009-HFT.part1 (House) NEW!!!
VA-The Lost Tapes (Armand Van Helden Get Up)-(1749678)-WEB-2009-HFT.part2 (House) NEW!!!
VA-The Lost Tapes (Armand Van Helden Get Up)-(1749678)-WEB-2009-HFT.part1 (House) NEW!!!
VA-Most Rated 2009 (Unmixed Tracks)-(RATED09D)-WEB-2009-HFT.part2 (House) NEW!!!
VA-Most Rated 2009 (Unmixed Tracks)-(RATED09D)-WEB-2009-HFT.part3 (House) NEW!!!
VA-Most Rated 2009 (Unmixed Tracks)-(RATED09D)-WEB-2009-HFT.part1 (House) NEW!!!
Stefano Gamma-Love Is The Boss-(MIE8014090059642)-WEB-2009-HFT (House) NEW!!!
VA-Blem Blem EP-(MXP181)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Terror Tone-Badman Bounce EP-(INT034)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
Steelknot-Feel Me-(FTR043)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
Reagenz--Playtime (Workshop009-3)-CD-2009-CMC (House) NEW!!!
Ryo Murakami--Lost It EP-(PAN0000)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (House) NEW!!!
Sam Ball-High Rise And Skies-(IFI013)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Polynoiz-Mantra-(DK90)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Mauritzio--Tswalu EP (Incl Justin Imperiale Remix)-(CAB0021)-WEB-2010-dh (House) NEW!!!
Nick Supply-Bastard Face-(ES014)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
Murcielago-Los Americanos-(2320006-0)-WEB-2007-HFT (House) NEW!!!
Martin East Project feat Jared Douglas--Forever More-(K92S010)-WEB-200... (House) NEW!!!
Klaas-Better Days-WEB-2009-UKHx (House) NEW!!!
Martin Patino And Enzo Elia - Nil And Yanawe-(L1M011)-WEB-2009-HQEM (House) NEW!!!
Jonny Hart-Blue Steel EP-(UD0036)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
Joel Alter--Omerta EP-(VIEW006)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (House) NEW!!!
Kaskade And Seamus Haji Feat Haley-So Far Away-(UL2200)-WEB-2009-CBR (House) NEW!!!
Johny Adams-Second Hand EP-(10010946)-WEB-2009-wWs (House) NEW!!!
Guru Josh and DJ Igor Blaska-Eternity (Part 1)-(MIE8014090059826)-WEB-... (House) NEW!!!
DJ Ralph K Presents-Le Best Of REG Project-2009-USF (House) NEW!!!
Eddie Cumana Feat. Joakin Eskasan On Drums-Plastic Drums-(539X)-WEB-20... (House) NEW!!!
Ed Halsey-Get Em Off-(4416)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
Acumen - Collection Part 1-(THCD015)-WEB-2009-HQEM (House) NEW!!!
Disco Cell-Popcorn-(4260130 522445)-WEB-2009-VOiCE (House) NEW!!!
David Penn And Rober Gaez Feat Sheilah Cuffy-Deep Inside-(URB044)-WEB-... (House) NEW!!!
Beckers And Hatfield - Excuse-(PP12025)-WEB-2009-HQEM (House) NEW!!!
Alex Kidd (USA)-Lost and Found EP-(DM074)-WEB-2009-XXW (House) NEW!!!
VA-Hard House Vol. 3 (Pump Hits None Stop)-2009-WHOA (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
VA-Hard House Vol. 2 (Pump Hits None Stop)-2009-WHOA (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
VA-Hard House (Pump Hits None Stop)-2008-WHOA (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
VA - Dirty Workz Deluxe Sampler 02-(DWX017)-WEB-2009-HB (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
D-Block and S-Te-Fan - Music Made Addictz Album Sampler 004-(EVO009)-W... (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
Ukrainian Hardstylerz-Time Machine-(BIONIC02)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT (Hardstyle) NEW!!!
VA-Nightmare 2009-2CD-2009-SSR (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA-Troppo Shock Compilation-(WEB)-2009-UKHx (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA-Total Hardcore 8-CD-2009-hM (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA-Clubland X Treme Hardcore 6-3CD-2009-BPM.part1 (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA-Clubland X Treme Hardcore 6-3CD-2009-BPM.part2 (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Radium--Masterpiss-(PKGCD53)-WEB-2009-WUS (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA - Countdown 2 Chaos EP-(MOUTH01)-Vinyl-2009-SQ (Hardcore) NEW!!!
SRB - Call the Cops-(TIT021)-Vinyl-2009-SQ (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Nosferatu-Nocturnal By Nature-(ENZYME032)-WEB-2009-UKHx (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Noisekick vs The Sickest Squad - This is Terror 20-(TIT020)-Vinyl-2009-SQ (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Neophyte and Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers-(TD004)-WEB-2009-HB (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Micron - Imagination is More Important than Knowle EP-(II 003)-Vinyl-2... (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Bouncemasters-Stand And Fight-(A8014)-WEB-2009-UKHx (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Akira - Beatdown Anonymous-(SCUM028)-Vinyl-2009-SQ (Hardcore) NEW!!!
Igor and Detest - Gimme Some More Exploding Reloading-(LFR001)-Vinyl-... (Hardcore) NEW!!!
VA-Sven Vaeth In The Mix-The Sound Of The Tenth Season (Unmixed)-(CORM... (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA-Sven Vaeth In The Mix-The Sound Of The Tenth Season (Unmixed)-(CORM... (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA-La Rocca Volume 16 (Better Than Ever)-2CD-2009-hM (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA-Sneakerz Winter Sessions-2009-Ouzo.part1 (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA-Sneakerz Winter Sessions-2009-Ouzo.part2 (Electronic) NEW!!!
Neotek-Sex Murder And RocknRoll-Bonus DVD-Limited Edition-2009-FWYH (Electronic) NEW!!!
Housebound-Explicit-2009-HBO.part2 (Electronic) NEW!!!
Housebound-Explicit-2009-HBO.part1 (Electronic) NEW!!!
Dope Tito Ft. Raa D and Suzi Rawn--Take Me Away-(BBB023)-WEB-2009-WUS (Electronic) NEW!!!
Cio Dor--Die Faser-(PRGDIGLP001)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (Electronic) NEW!!!
Ben (Loncle Soul)-Soul Wash-2009-GAMEPLAN.part2 (Electronic) NEW!!!
C-Drone Defect-Dystopia-2CD-Limited Edition-2009-FWYH (Electronic) NEW!!!
Ben (Loncle Soul)-Soul Wash-2009-GAMEPLAN.part1 (Electronic) NEW!!!
Abstract Vision and Etnosphere--Pure Emotion Incl. Mixes by Atlantic D... (Electronic) NEW!!!
Abstract Vision and Etnosphere--Pure Emotion Incl. Mixes by Atlantic D... (Electronic) NEW!!!
VA-Sneakerz Winter Sessions-3CD-2009-DOH.part1 (Dance) NEW!!!
VA-Sneakerz Winter Sessions-3CD-2009-DOH.part2 (Dance) NEW!!!
VA-Flaix FM Winter 2010-2CD-2009-VPE (Dance) NEW!!!
Megara Vs. DJ Lee-I Want You-WEB-2009-UKHx (Dance) NEW!!!
Del Monte Vs. Topless-Not Fair-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Commercial) NEW!!!
VA - Dj Power - Vision Experience EP Vol. 2-(Web)-2009-ATRium (Commercial) NEW!!!
Popper and DJ Styla-I Dont Want to Miss A Thing-WEB-2009-VOiCE (Commercial) NEW!
Dec 11
Written by the_hacker   

Westbam - In the Mix at Plattenbau-11-27-SAT-2009-XDS (Techno) NEW!!!
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Umek - Cupula Sonora-FM-11-27-2009-EiTheLMP3 (Techno) NEW!!!
Tony Verdi-Let the Music Flow-SAT-03-12-2009-1KING (Techno) NEW!!!
Toni Verdi - Let The Music Flow Loca FM-FM-11-26-2009-EiTheLMP3 (Techno) NEW!!!
Tony Verdi-Let the Music Flow-FM-10-12-2009-1KING (Techno) NEW!!!
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Tomaz-Switch Studio Brussel-CABLE-05-12-2009-1KING (Techno) NEW!!!
Soulrack And Mikel E - Live At Electrosonic Festival Burgos Spain-DAB-... (Techno) NEW!!!
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DJ Vince - Contact Story Le Mix Contact-SBD-06-12-2009-SOB (Techno) NEW!!!
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Cristian Varela - All Night Long Special 7h Remember CV Maxima FM-SAT-... (Techno) NEW!!!
Cristian Varela - All Night Long Special 7h Remember CV Maxima FM-SAT-... (Techno) NEW!!!
Carl Cox-Global Guest Mix Italoboyz-SAT-05-12-2009-1KING (Techno) NEW!!!
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VA-Electro House Winter Sensations-(CATWALKCOMP025)-WEB-2009-CRN WEB.p... (House)
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VA-Collaboratory Remixes (Volume 2)-(PFR109BBP)-WEB-2009-WEB (Electronic)
VA-Sounds Superb Vol 4-(CRE023)-WEB-2008-mbs (Electronic)
VA-Sounds Superb Vol 3-(CRE020)-WEB-2008-mbs (Electronic)
Schaeufler and Zovsky - Roggentin EP-(ACKER12)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Electronic)
Takeshi Kouzuki - Japanese Rhythms EP (MATHEMATICS-022)-Vinyl-2008-kiNky (Electronic)
Lindstrom And Christabelle-Real Life Is No Cool-(Limited Edition)-3CD-... (Electronic)
Port-Royal--Balding Generation EP-(MD168)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Plasmic Honey-Jungle-(TEC018)-WEB-2009-WEB (Electronic)
Myagi and The Root Sellers-Rock One-(WESTWAY025)-WEB-2009-KOUALA (Electronic)
Dubloner - A Loners Sway-(ADUB01)-WEB-2009-WiTF (Electronic)
Get Shakes-Love Hate (EP)-(WEB)-2009-H5N1 (Electronic)
Dual Shaman--The White Rose-(WA005)-WEB-2008-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Ad Inferna-Trance-N-Dance-2009-FWYH (Electronic)
Die Moderne Welt - Naomi Sample and the Go Go Ghosts - Split-Vinyl-200... (Electronic)
Data-Electric Fever-(NV901438)-WEB-2009-ALKi (Electronic)
Alan Gay-Bastardrave Gymtronic-(5747)-WEB-2009-ALKi (Electronic)
Original Sin-Grow Your Wings-WEB-2009-XTC iNT (Drum & Bass)
VA-Back To The Bass-36HTZLP001-LP-2009-sour (Drum & Bass)
Dexcell--Midnight Circuit-(FLAP001)-WEB-2009-WUS (Drum & Bass)
VA - Damn Best Of 2009-3CD-2009-HB.part1 (Dance)
VA - Damn Best Of 2009-3CD-2009-HB.part2 (Dance)


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