My Bikini Belly Review & Workout Results by a *Real Customer*

Today I’m going to review a workout program I spotted being advertised online called My Bikini Belly review by a Canadian lady called Shawna Kaminski. As always, here at Defend Your Health we like to look in detail at popular programs being marketed on the web to see if they’re actually credible or not. We do this by actually buying them and going through all the content (proof of purchase is below).

Most online reviewers don’t even take that key step!

The point of this is to give our readers an honest evaluation of what they can expect if they were make a purchase, and also to give our opinion on whether a particular program is worth the money or whether an alternative option is better for their needs.

I purchased the My Bikini Belly workout program a couple of days back for $37 and have now gone through all of the content. What follows is my opinion and results as a customer. I’ll cover the following:

  • Does the program deliver on the promises made on the sales website?
  • What do you actually get for your money? I cover this in great detail
  • Are they any optional add-ons and do you need them?
  • What is the quality of the material? (PDFs/videos etc) and is the author credible?
  • Will the program actually work and provide results for the average user?
  • Should you purchase in my opinion, or is there a more effective/better value option?

Before I go into the detailed workout review, here’s my proof of purchase receipt:

Receipt for My Bikini Body Program

And a couple of confirmation/welcome emails I received from Shawna (the program creator)…

MBB Welcome Emails

OK, let’s now let’s get into it! 🙂

What Is Shawna’s ‘My Bikini Belly’ Workout Program and Who Is It For?

So this is one of the more ‘specific’ workout programs on the market currently. What I mean by that is the program is designed for a very specific customer who wants to achieve a certain result, rather than being a general weight loss product. It is for women over 35 who want to lose belly fat – the program and sales material mention the Menopause Belly quite often and this product was created as a solution.

The content is delivered in various videos and PDF documents which are all kept in an online member’s area. You basically follow along with the content and workouts for the 21 days, then continue on afterward. Later on in this review I’m going to take a very close look at what content you actually get for your money, so hold on for that.

What Does the Website Promise?

The main tagline mentions that by following Shawna Kaminski’s 3 week plan you will…

Visibly SEE A Flat And Firm Belly In Only 21 Days Without Starving Or Suffering Through Long Boring Workouts

The site also claims the program is suitable for all women 35+ (no matter how old) and that it doesn’t matter if you’re currently out of shape, have failed with weight loss before or don’t have much time to dedicate to working out.

I’ll be evaluating and reviewing this program based on those claims and results, as that’s what you’re sold on when making a purchase.

Who is The Author, Shawna Kaminski, and is She Credible?

Shawna Filming MBBThe first thing I like to do when purchasing and workout or diet program is take a look at who has created it, what their credentials are and if they have any ‘real’ online verifiable presence. This is an important step when purchasing anything related to weight loss as many programs seem to be created by nobodys who don’t have any track record or real-world presence.

I was pleasantly surprised when researching Shawna.

She’s currently 52 years old and a well known former Canadian athlete and competitive fitness model with a number of titles to her name, including:

    • National Canadian competitor in swimming & freestyle skiing
    • Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship Winner
    • Top 3 finisher in National Canadian Bodybuilding Championship for 3 years
    • Two-time overall winner of ‘Toughest Calgarian Alive’

Shawna also owns the NW Fit Body Boot Camp gym in Calgary. It looks as though the program’s videos are actually filmed there – some of her Boot Camp clients take part in them to demonstrate different workouts.

Here’s a quick video of Shawna on Youtube (this isn’t from the program):

So after a bit of research I was satisfied with Shawna’s credentials and ability to teach women over 35 about losing belly fat. As mentioned earlier, inside the actual program you get to see workout videos with clients inside her bootcamp gym as well, which in my opinion further adds to the trust-factor.

What You Actually Get When Purchasing The My Bikini Belly Program

Now I’m going to go into detail about what happens when you buy this program, including the content you’ll get access to and how the My Biniki Belly workouts and schedule actually look on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s the initial welcome screen inside the member’s area with a short but professional introduction video from Shawna. She basically re-iterates what to expect from the program and gives a few tips for getting the best results over the coming weeks.

MBB Welcome Screen

The version of the course I purchased was My Bikini Belly 2.0 which is split up into 3 phases, which I’ll cover in a second. Firstly though let me explain the content a little more. First I’ll go over the PDF manuals, then the videos (which are the bulk of the program).

MBB PDF Manual #1 – Quick Start Guide

MBB Quick Start GuideThis is designed to get you started right away. Shawna outlines how and why the program works, along with what you need to be doing on a daily and weekly basis. She explains the 3 workout types which are: Bikini Belly FlushBikini Belly Burn and Bikini Belly Blast. Basically you’re alternating these over each 7 day period – doing one workout every other day. You start with Flush and end with Burn. They get progressively more difficult.

Also explained are other points such as how hard to train, recovery, hydration, what to do if you’re struggling and the importance of maintaining proper form when performing the exercises. At the end is a handy chart which you can use to track different body measurements as you progress through the program. Hopefully you’ll visibly see your before and after results, but tracking them is a good motivator as well.

MBB PDF Manual #2 – Workout Manual

MBB Workout ManualThis one tells you exactly which workout to do on each day, along with the specific exercises and numbers of sets/reps to perform. This is designed as a companion to the actual follow-along workout videos which I’ll cover later on in this program review.

The idea behind the manual is to provide you with a quick reference you can look at if you’re not able to watch the workout videos on a particular day for some reason. You’ll still know what you should be doing if you have access to this reference guide.

Warm-ups and cool-downs are also explained in the workout manual.

MBB PDF Manual #3 – Exercise Library Manual

MBB Exercise LibraryThis manual tells you exactly how to do all of the exercises required for each workout, along with a whole host of extra ones too. This guide includes written instructions and also photos so you’re able to see the correct form. There’s a lot of content here – around 45 pages.

Again, this manual is a companion to the follow-along workout videos where you see Shawna and her clients to doing the actual exercises. You can quickly check this manual for reference if you’re not sure how to do a specific exercise or just don’t want to watch a video at that time for some reason.

MBB PDF Manual #4 – Sculpt Series

MBB Sculpt Series Manual

The ‘Sculpt’ workouts are designed to be short and intense ways to finish the regular program workouts by adding on a few extra minutes at the end. These are used for anyone who wants to burn more calories, accelerate their fat loss results or just challenge themselves as much as possible.

This short manual explains how to use the Sculpt series to end your training sessions with one last burst of effort.

The 3 My Bikini Body Workout Phases

As mentioned before this program is split into 3 separate phases which you work through progressively. The PDFs I’ve just gone over are used during all phases and go hand-in-hand with the core workouts, which are delivered by follow-along videos. I’ll go into each phase in more detail shortly.

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